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Alex Smith Reveals His Dad Wanted Him To Play A Different Sport

Alex Smith #11 of the Washington Football Team looks on

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - NOVEMBER 15: Alex Smith #11 of the Washington Football Team looks on during their game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on November 15, 2020 in Detroit, Michigan. (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)

Alex Smith had a very respectable career in the NFL, earning Pro Bowl honors three times and winning the Comeback Player of the Year Award in 2020. He certainly proved over the past decade that he belonged in the pros.

During an appearance on the "Beyond The X's And O's With Trent Dilfer" podcast, Smith opened up about his unlikely football journey.

Smith revealed that his father didn't think football was in the cards for him. In fact, he suggested that Smith should try cross country.

"My dad didn't let me play tackle football growing up. I played soccer, baseball, basketball and stuff," Smith told Dilfer. "So I get to Helix [High School]. I wanted to go out for freshman football, and my dad sat me down that fall and he said maybe I should consider running cross country as my fall sport instead of football. Because it was not in the cards for me"

Then, Smith recalled his first touchdown pass for Helix High School.

"We threw a go-ball, and it was just a duck I threw out there. A duck. I'll never forget it because it was on the high school sports show. When you make the local news - that was my first time ever doing that - it felt good. But it was a definite duck that I chucked out there."

Well, NFL fans are certainly thankful that Smith stuck with football. Not only was he a good quarterback, he was an excellent leader who went about his career the right way.