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Blockbuster Offseason Trade Suggested For The Saints

A closeup of a New Orleans Saints helmet on the football field.

NEW ORLEANS - DECEMBER 19: A helmet of the New Orleans Saints sits on the ground before the game against the Dallas Cowboys at the Louisiana Superdome on December 19, 2009 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

Last year, Drew Brees retired. Sean Payton then retired earlier this week. Now, the New Orleans Saints find themselves without a franchise quarterback, head coach and face a salary-cap disaster this upcoming offseason.

The Saints were well aware the cap was going to be a major obstacle this offseason. Maybe that's why Payton retired when he did.

To maneuver through this offseason, the Saints may have to strongly consider trading Alvin Kamara.

Former NFL fullback Michael Robinson discussed the hypothetical blockbuster trade this week.

“I would say Alvin Kamara to the Arizona Cardinals,” Robinson said, via “With Kyler Murray and that style of air-raid offense, if I was Steve Keim and Kliff Kingsbury, that would be somebody I’d go get if it was even possible. You talk about Alvin Kamara, 68 touchdowns in five seasons. A dude that literally thrives in space. He had the most rushing yards per game this year at almost 70 rushing yards a game. He can’t only run the ball in between the tackles. He’s great on the outside runs and he’s awesome in the passing game.

“That’s what Kyler Murray needs. When DeAndre Hopkins got hurt this year and he went out, he couldn’t lean on A.J. Green, he couldn’t lean on Christian Kirk, some of those other guys. If he had a running back he knew could win 100% of the time — I’m talking about Alvin Kamara — out of the backfield, I mean, what an insurance policy for that young quarterback to be able to sit on his back foot and allow Alvin Kamara to do what he does. If that happens, I think that would be amazing.”

Trading Alvin Kamara would incite chaos, but it'd make the Saints' salary-cap dilemma a whole lot easier.

Should New Orleans trade Kamara this offseason?