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Boomer Esiason Reveals What Happened At Halftime Sunday

CBS's halftime show on Sunday afternoon in Kansas City.

Boomer Esiason just couldn't help himself during Sunday's halftime show between the Chiefs and Bengals. At the break, fans couldn't help but laugh along with Boomer as the CBS halftime crew tried to give their on-site analysis.

The panel, usually in-studio, found themselves trying to break down the first two quarters of action with a live rendition of Walker Hayes' "Fancy Like" blasting in speakers placed right behind them.

The guys tried to their best to scream over the music, but the whole thing just unraveled and they found themselves cracking up at the absurdity. During his weekly appearance on "The Greg Hill Show," Boomer went over the game tape of what exactly happened the hilarious broadcast. “I can’t really hear this morning and I’ve lost a little bit of my voice,” Esiason said, opening with a joke.

“I’m going to take you inside the real [thing] — we had no idea that was happening. And I have to tell you, when JB started the halftime and almost fell off of his seat I was crying laughing. I couldn’t stop laughing, I really was."

“Then I was trying to read Phil’s lips, and I couldn’t read those. And then Coach (Bill) Cower went and I was just following his jaw because that’s all I could see," Boomer continued. "And then Nate [Burleson], who was sitting right next to me, I couldn’t hear anything."

"And then finally I just had to say what I think everybody out in America was thinking: ‘Hell, I can’t hear anything they said. Oh my god, it was unbelievable.'”