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Caitlyn Jenner Reacts To The NCAA Swimming Controversy

Caitlyn Jenner at Turk-Hyde Mini Park.

SAN FRANCISCO - AUGUST 25: Caitlyn Jenner speaks to the media outside the Turk-Hyde Mini Park during a tour the Tenderloin on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, in San Francisco, Calif. Jenner is running for governor of California. (Yalonda M. James/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

On Wednesday night, the NCAA updated its policy regarding transgender participation in sports. The reason this happened is because there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Lia Thomas, a female swimmer at Penn.

Thomas, who previously competed on the men’s team, could break several all-time NCAA records. That has led to a plethora of questions about how the NCAA should handle transgender athletes.

Well, the newest policy from the NCAA "aligns transgender student-athlete participation for college sports with recent policy changes from the U.S. and International Olympic Committees." In other words, eligibility will be determined by each sport’s governing body.

During an appearance on Fox News, Olympic gold medalist Caitlyn Jenner shared her thoughts on this topic. She believes biological males should not be competing in women's sports.

“I’ve said from the beginning, biological boys should not be playing in women’s sports,” Jenner said. “We need to protect women’s sports.”

Jenner went on to detail why she feels this way.

"She [Lia Thomas] knows when she’s swimming she’s beating the competition by two laps. She was born a biological boy," Jenner added. "She was raised as a biological boy. Her cardiovascular system is bigger, her respiratory system is bigger, her hands are bigger, she can swim faster. That’s a known."

The NCAA’s board of governors is expected to discuss this topic once again this week.

We'll see if there are any major changes to the NCAA's policy regarding transgender participation in sports.