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CBS Is Having Major Problems At Halftime On Sunday

CBS's halftime show on Sunday afternoon in Kansas City.


That was the essence of the CBS halftime show at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon. The Chiefs went into the break leading the Bengals, 21-10, as CBS's NFL crew held its halftime show live from the field on Sunday.

One problem: A Walker Hayes country concert was taking place on the field at the same time.

Perhaps CBS was not aware that this was going to happen, or they thought it wasn't going to be as loud as it was, or they just didn't care.

What resulted was a truly disastrous - or, depending on how you see it, entertaining - halftime show on Sunday afternoon.

CBS' NFL analysts appeared to be laughing through the absurdity of the moment, at least. Hopefully everyone's eardrums are OK.

The second half of the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals game is set to begin momentarily on CBS.

Hopefully it's as eventful as the halftime show.