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CBS Names The Worst Super Bowl Game Of All-Time

A closeup of Steve Young on the field during a 49ers game.

Steve Young #8, Quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers during the National Football Conference West game against the St. Louis Rams on 26 November 1995 at 3Com Park, San Francisco, California, United States. The 49ers won the game 41 - 13. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)

When we think about Super Bowl history we usually think about some of the all-time great games: The Giants upsetting the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII, the incredible Steelers-Cardinals duel in Super Bowl XLIII, or just about every Super Bowl Tom Brady played in. But there are some stinkers in Super Bowl history too.

On Wednesday, CBS Sports' Will Brinson released his ranked of every Super Bowl from worst to best. While many of the usual suspects made the bottom 10, it was Steve Young and the 49ers who were featured in the worst one: Super Bowl XXIX.

Young threw a Super Bowl record six touchdown passes in what was a 49-26 blowout over the Chargers. But while the game was high-scoring, Brinson criticized it for not feeling close:

"Steve Young threw six touchdown passes and the Niners nearly hung a 50 burger in a Super Bowl, demolishing the Chargers in a game that didn't even feel this close," Brinson wrote.

There were some more recent Super Bowls that came close to getting that bottom spot. Super Bowl XLVII, the 43-8 Seattle Seahawks blowout win over the Denver Broncos, came in 54th.

Super Bowl XXIV between the 49ers and Broncos - a 55-10 blowout - came in 53rd. There's also Super Bowl XXXV, the Baltimore Ravens' first Super Bowl win, a 34-7 win over the Giants.

Suffice it to say, blowouts don't appeal to some people nearly as much as low-scoring close ones.

What do you think is the worst Super Bowl in history?