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ESPN's Ryan Clark Took A Huge Shot At FS1's Chris Broussard On Tuesday

ESPN's Ryan Clark trolls FS1's Chris Broussard during NFL Live.


Chris Broussard is an NBA reporter by trade, but on FS1 he's tasked with discussing a wider array of sports. He was a bit out of his depth when an NFL discussion popped up on Tuesday.

During a discussion on First Things First about the Tennessee Titans' big win over the Buffalo Bills, Broussard brought up the 4th-and-1 play on which Josh Allen was stuffed. See if you can spot the glaring issue here.

“Yes Josh Allen slipped, but it got blown up on the left side because of the pressure of Tennessee,” Broussard said. “I wonder why? Could it be because Buffalo’s Pro Bowl left tackle Taylor Lewan was injured?”

Taylor Lewan was injured, which could have a big impact going forward... for the Tennessee Titans, his team, not the Buffalo Bills. Hours later, ESPN's Ryan Clark took a not-so-veiled shot at Broussard's bad error during NFL Live.

"Now if you listen to a lot of the experts that have spoken today, many people would say that Taylor Lewan's injury had a lot to do with that they weren't able..." Clark said, before the laughs and groans from his co-hosts cut him off. Marcus Spears appreciated the barb, however, telling Clark he's "the GOAT." We've seen plenty of FS1 on ESPN verbal violence, especially in the early years of FOX's network, when former ESPN personalities like Colin Cowherd spent plenty of time taking big shots at their former employer. You don't often see it in the other direction, but Broussard's error was so glaring, Clark couldn't help himself. You have to appreciate the competitive spirit, at the very least. [

Dying at Ryan Clark taking a shot at Broussard's Taylor Lewan comments 😂

— Internet #BlackLivesMatter (@cjzero) October 19, 2021