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Colin Cowherd Called Out For What He Said About Mac Jones

FOX Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd.


FOX Sports personality Colin Cowherd has never been afraid of making a hot take or a bold prediction. But he's had a devil of a time through the years admitting when he was wrong. And his takes on Mac Jones are a big example of this.

Prior to the 2021 NFL Draft, Cowherd insisted that Jones would not be a viable QB in the league. He asserted it over and over again up until the New England Patriots took him No. 15 overall:

“Mac Jones ain’t gonna work, folks. It’s not gonna work. You just gotta come to terms with it. It’s not gonna work," Cowherd said earlier this year.

Fast forward to this past Tuesday and Cowherd has done a complete 180. Following the Patriots' 14-10 win over the Buffalo Bills, he declared that Jones "looks like young Tom Brady." “Folks, young Mac Jones looks like young Tom Brady,” Cowherd said. “You need to just put your arms around it because that’s exactly what it looks like.” The next day, Cowherd said that Jones is already good enough to lead the Patriots to a Super Bowl. “Once you find the right quarterback, it just gets easier...” Cowherd said on Wednesday. ”Mac is clearly good enough to win a Super Bowl.”

As you can imagine, Cowherd is getting called out all over the place for his waffling. New England-based media sites such as NESN in particular took the man to task for his take.

In the end, Cowherd might be wrong on all of his takes. But right now, Jones is the best rookie quarterback in the NFL and the frontrunner for Rookie of the Year.

Mac Jones is proving every last one of his doubters wrong every single week.