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Colin Cowherd "Can't See" 1 NFL Team Losing This Weekend

FOX Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd on Aaron Rodgers.

FOX Sports 1.

The NFL Divisional Round is this weekend with eight teams vying for a trip to Conference Championship Weekend. But between the four matchups, there's one that Colin Cowherd can't see ending in an upset.

On Wednesday's edition of The Herd, Cowherd said he just can't see Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers losing to the San Francisco 49ers. He explained that Rodgers has to play out of his mind in order to avoid people shredding him on Monday, and can't imagine what that show would be like if Rodgers loses..

"I cannot envision Monday's show after Aaron loses Saturday night, I can't," Cowherd said. "I cannot see Aaron going 0-4 (against the 49ers), all that drama, people looking to take hacks at him... and he loses to Jimmy Garoppolo at home? Can't see it."

It would certainly be the most surprising upset of the weekend if the 49ers were able to pull it off. Green Bay are the biggest favorites of any team this weekend, and the 49ers are the only non-division winner still in the playoffs.

The 2021 playoffs really might be a referendum on Aaron Rodgers' legacy in the NFL. He's heading towards a divorce with the Packers after spending the last year in PR battles with the team.

Rodgers has also tanked his reputation with about half of the country due to his stance on COVID-19 and vaccines. He's going to have more people rooting against him than ever before this weekend.

Rodgers has a chance to end a lot of narratives this weekend. But a loss would be borderline catastrophic.

Is the Packers losing the 49ers an unrealistic result this weekend?