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Colin Cowherd Has Pretty Stunning Quarterback Trade Suggestion

FOX Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd on Aaron Rodgers.

FOX Sports 1.

After months of singing Mac Jones' praises to the high heavens, it only took one terrible playoff game for FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd to make a trade suggestion involving him.

On Monday's edition of The Herd, Cowherd concluded that Jones makes Bill Belichick and the Patriots "a tier below" the Super Bowl contenders. He pointed out that Belichick may realize that Bills QB Josh Allen is the best QB in the division by a wide margin and may try to reduce the gap by trading Jones.

"Bill Belichick wants Super Bowls," Cowherd said. "Good luck being absolutely a tier below."

Cowherd pointed out the precedent of Belichick cutting stars and wanting to move on from Tom Brady long before their 2020 divorce. He believes that an upgrade at the position is sorely needed to close the gap.

Mac Jones was the top rookie quarterback in 2021 by a wide margin. He completed 67.6-percent of his passes for 3,801 yards and 22 touchdowns with 13 interceptions.

But Cowherd is right in pointing out that Jones had some of his worst games against the Buffalo Bills. It would be pretty unprecedented for Bill Belichick to pull the plug on a quarterback after a stellar rookie season.

Then again, part of Belichick's genius has always been turning counterintuitive moves into title winners. As insane as the suggestion sounds, it's not beyond the realm of possibility.

That said, we're probably not going to hear about any Mac Jones trades anytime soon.