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Colin Cowherd Reacts To Cam Newton Getting Released

Colin Cowherd ranks the NFL's top 10 teams.

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Most of the NFL world was stunned when the New England Patriots released Cam Newton on Tuesday. Colin Cowherd wasn't.

The Patriots are moving on from the veteran quarterback and handing the reins over to rookie Mac Jones. It was only a matter of time, but no one expected Bill Belichick to make the decision this early. Jones will now begin the 2021 season as New England's starting quarterback.

Despite the abrupt Patriots news, Cowherd wasn't surprised when he found out on Tuesday. He started off his show discussing the developing story. In doing so, he called Newton a "band-aid," of course referring to the inevitability of Jones eventually starting.

"We all knew it was a band-aid," Cowherd said on Tuesday in regards to the Patriots' plan with Newton.

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This is interesting. Colin Cowherd doesn't believe the Patriots' quarterback decision had everything to do with Mac Jones' play compared to Cam Newton's. Cowherd thinks it, instead, had to do with Newton's unwillingness to get vaccinated.

Bill Belichick doesn't mess around. He likes players who avoid drama and just like to play football. In addition this season, Belichick isn't going to tolerate issues related to vaccinations. Newton apparently didn't meet his criteria..

Belichick is willing to rely on an unproven rookie over a dramatic veteran. That should tell you everything you need to know about the Patriots' quarterback decision.