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Colin Cowherd Releases Controversial NFL Top 10 List

Colin Cowherd talks Russell Wilson trade rumors.


You can pretty much guarantee that when Colin Cowherd updates his weekly NFL top 10 rankings, the list will generate conversation.

Cowherd's rankings usually look a bit different than most of his media constituents. Whether that's because he sees things differently or just wants to spark some controversy is up for debate.

Cowherd's latest top 10 has the Rams at No. 1, followed by the Bills and Bucs. There's nothing too crazy about that top three, but at No. 4 is where things get interesting. That's where Cowherd has the 3-0 Denver Broncos, who are off to a strong start, albeit against arguably the three worst teams in the NFL.

Denver has beaten both New York squads and the Jacksonville Jaguars. Even Cowherd himself admits his ranking for them is high, though he does explain why.

"I know I'm totally overrating the Broncos. They've beaten garbage teams," Cowherd said. "But I have a soft spot for Teddy Bridgewater. I have a soft spot for quarterbacks that don't make a mistake and understand they don't have to win the games. This defense is fantastic."

As for the teams ranked behind Denver, Cowherd putting the Raiders at No. 9 is perhaps most curious. After all, Las Vegas is also 3-0 and has a much better strength of record, having a beaten the Ravens, Steelers and Dolphins.

Then again, what do any of these rankings mean after Week 3 anyway? There's a lot of season left for every team in the league.

As for the Broncos, we'll start to learn a lot about them in the coming weeks when they take on Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Cleveland, Washington and Dallas.