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Colin Cowherd Reveals His True Feelings On NFL Overtime

FOX Sports 1 host Colin Cowherd.


Colin Cowherd is getting crushed for his newest opinion on the NFL's overtime rules.

The NFL's overtime has been heavily scrutinized since Sunday's night's AFC Divisional Round game between the Chiefs and Bills. The rules didn't allow Josh Allen to even touch the ball in overtime after Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs won the coin toss and scored on their first drive.

There have been 11 overtime games in the playoffs with the current overtime rules. The team that has won the coin toss is 10-1 in those games. Something has to change. Colin Cowherd disagrees.

Cowherd told the overtime complainers to stop whining via Twitter on Monday morning.

"Stop whining about OT rules," Cowherd said. "Make a stop. One. Bills had plenty of chances to wrap that puppy up. Didn’t. Cya next season."

This is a pretty awful take. Why punish a team for losing a coin toss?

Defenses are exhausted by the time overtime rolls around. That gives every ounce of momentum to the offense. The Chiefs took advantage of the exhausted Bills defense in overtime on Sunday night and scored with ease.

The NFL should at least give the other team a chance to respond instead of potentially ending the overtime game on the first drive.