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Colin Cowherd Says 1 NFL Franchise Needs A 'Brand Pivot'

Colin Cowherd talks Russell Wilson trade rumors.


The Chicago Bears fell to 4-10 after another tough loss on Monday Night Football. On Tuesday, FOX Sports 1's Colin Cowherd ripped into the franchise, distilling their problems down to living in the past.

"You need a brand pivot, Chicago," the host of "The Herd" explained. "Stop honoring the '85 Bears. Yes, it was great in 1985. So was MTV, Downtown Julie Brown and members only jackets."

"The Bears wore their centennial 1936 uniforms. I googled it this morning... They averaged 18 points a game in 1936. This year they averaged 17," Cowherd said. "You can go ahead and fire the coach, and hopefully you have the right quarterback, but you need a brand pivot."

"The Cubs went all in on analytics with Theo [Epstein], and they won a World Series. And the [Bulls] finally stopped clinging to the past and got rid of the [John] Paxson guy running the team and got a new guy and now they're good."

The Chicago Bears continue to sink lower as the years go on. "Fire Nagy" chants fill Solder Field every Sunday. But four seasons ago, Nagy led the team to its only winning record since Lovey Smith's departure back in 2012.

There may be something to the Bears' outdated way of thinking, considering how much the league has changed since they were last successful.