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Colin Cowherd Says 1 NFL Team Is 'Broken'

Colin Cowherd discusses Bill Belichick's plan for the 2020 New England Patriots after recent opt-outs.

Colin Cowherd on the air for FS1's The Herd.

There are plenty of NFL teams that haven't met expectations this year. But one team is struggling so much that Colin Cowherd has concluded that they're simply "broken."

On Wednesday's edition of The Herd, Cowherd declared that the Seattle Seahawks appear "broken" to him. He said that the team's offense has been broken for years and that they're now getting crushed for failing to adapt.

Cowherd went on to compare the Seahawks to the Rams with the analogy of a millionaire who inherited their money and blew it all early, ending up with worthless assets. He said that unlike the Rams, the Seahawks take risks to make up for mistakes, rather than building through the draft.

"In a division with Kyle Shanahan, Sean McVay and Kliff Kingsbury, you have an outdated offense, a 70-year-old coach, a defensive leaning guy, and the Seahawks are officially broken," Cowherd said. "It's been a house of cards... They draft poorly, therefore they reach. They take big swings (that don't always work)."

The Seattle Seahawks are now 5-9 and will finish the year with their first losing season since 2011.

There are winnable games left on the schedule and they could finish 7-10 or even 8-9. But big-name reinforcements probably aren't coming next year.

The Seahawks don't have a first-round draft pick in 2022 due to the Jamal Adams that Cowherd mentioned several times.

Things aren't looking great in Seattle heading into next year. The only question remaining is whether the likes of Russell Wilson, Pete Carroll and GM John Schneider will remain a part of this team next season.