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College Football World Reacts To What Michael Wilbon Said

During a recent edition of ESPN's Pardon The Interruption, show co-host Michael Wilbon went off on Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin when asked to make his pick for Saturday's Alabama-Ole Miss game.

Wilbon didn't take much time to analyze the matchup itself, and instead went with Alabama (the double-digit home favorites) while taking a lot of shots at Kiffin. He declared that Kiffin is "a clown" that's been "an embarrassment at multiple stops."

“Lane Kiffin’s a clown,” Wilbon said. “Lane Kiffin has been an embarrassment at multiple stops. Nobody’s gonna run out there saying yeah I want Lane Kiffin right here on the logo representing me… Lane Kiffin’s a cute little story for guys like us who have to talk about sports every day… Lane Kiffin equals embarrassment at some point wherever he is.”

While there are criticisms of Kiffin to be had, most of the points Wilbon made here have not been relevant in over five years. Prior to joining Ole Miss in 2020, Kiffin led FAU to two Conference USA titles and one of their best stretches in program history. Before that, he was Alabama's offensive coordinator for three years, helping them to a national title in 2015.

Needless to say, Wilbon is being dragged for his seemingly outdated comments on Kiffin:

It didn't take long for Lane Kiffin himself to fire back at Mike Wilbon. Speaking to the media, Kiffin joked that picking the Tide to beat his Rebels is the kind of "earth-shattering" pick you should take to Las Vegas.

"It's not like the guy had Earth-shattering news that #Alabama is gonna beat us. I mean, he should go to Vegas with that Earth-shattering prediction," Kiffin said today.

Alabama are widely expected to roll Ole Miss this weekend. But if they don't, Kiffin is going to have a lot of fun at Wilbon's expense next week.