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College Football World Shocked By Clemson's Performance

Dabo Swinney speaks on the sideline.

ATLANTA, GA - SEPTEMBER 22: Head Coach Dabo Swinney of the Clemson Tigers calls a play against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets on September 22, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Scott Cunningham/Getty Images)

Few college football teams, if any, have been more disappointing than Clemson this season.

The Tigers entered the 2021 regular season ranked inside the top five. Many believed that Clemson was a near-lock to win the ACC and make the College Football Playoff.

However, four weeks into the regular season, Clemson is 2-2 on the year. The Tigers will probably fall out of the top 25 when the new polls come out on Sunday.

Clemson was upset by N.C. State, 27-21, on Saturday afternoon. The Tigers lost their season opener to Georgia.

To many, though, this is not surprising. "the worry for clemson fans has to be that this loss wasn't shocking. lots of people saw it coming. clemson just isn't as good as they've been," ESPN's Bomani Jones tweeted.

Still, Clemson had won 36 straight games against unranked opponents. That streak came to an end on Saturday night.

ESPN's Dan Orlovsky had a blunt message for Clemson fans post-game. "Been telling Clemson fans for 18 months The offense is behind everyone scheme wise. Trevor covered up a lot-& it held him back It can’t always be about “execution”. Your job coaches is to make execution “easier” It’s fair to say/ask “yes you can recruit-but can you DEVELOP”?" he tweeted.

Hey, that's a fair point following the start to the 2021 regular season.