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Cowboys Fans Aren't Happy With Tony Romo On Sunday

Tony Romo during a golf outing this year.

SPRINGFIELD, MO - JULY 22: Tony Romo, former NFL quarterback, looks on from the 17th tee during the first round of the Price Cutter Charity Championship presented by Dr. Pepper at Highland Spring Country Club on July 22, 2021 in Springfield, Missouri. (Photo by James Gilbert/PGA TOUR)

Dallas Cowboys fans aren't very happy with Tony Romo on Sunday afternoon.

Romo, who starred for the Cowboys before retiring from football, is on the call of Sunday afternoon's game between Dallas and New England.

Throughout the season, Romo has been hyping up offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, claiming he'll be a head coach soon. He's doing the same thing on Sunday afternoon, hyping Moore up throughout the contest.

Cowboys fans would like Romo to stop doing that, though. They don't want to lose Moore to another team in the offseason.

"Romo needs to chill out on hyping up Kellen Moore ON NATIONAL TELEVISION," Blogging The Boys tweeted.

"be cool shh."

Cowboys fans have loved Moore's performance as offensive coordinator. In fact, many Dallas fans would rather hold onto Moore and let go of Mike McCarthy.

"Why does Dallas have to lose him? Wouldn't the smarter play to let go of McCarthy and move Moore to head coach?" one fan tweeted.

"100% agree" another fan added.

It will be interesting to see what happens this offseason. Previously, Jerry Jones got Jason Garrett to stick around as offensive coordinator before making him head coach. Perhaps the same will happen with Moore.