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DeVonta Smith Has Brutally Honest Admission On Cheesesteaks

At six feet tall and 170 pounds, Philadelphia Eagles star wide receiver DeVonta Smith probably avoids cramming in extra calories. But he's kept one foot item off his menu that may offend his own fans.

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Smith disparaged cheesesteaks, the iconic Philadelphia sandwich. Smith said he feels cheesesteaks are overrated.

"Cheesesteaks and all that I feel like are kind of overrated," Smith said.

Some diehard Philadelphia Eagles fans and Philadelphia sports fans in general are probably furious right now. But the comments and retweets seem to indicate that Smith may have revealed an unspoken truth:

"Didn't think I could get any higher on DeVonta Smith. And yet here we are," wrote NPR's Avi Wolfman-Arent.

"Sounds like he hasn't had a good one yet but his take isn't necessarily untrue," Philadelphia Tribune journalist O.J. Spivey said.

But there were the objections:

"oh no baby what is you doing?" one fan wrote.

"This is how you know you’re very good. A middling player can’t get away with a comment like this. (Wide receiver Jalen) Reagor would be drawn and quartered," wrote another.

Luckily for DeVonta Smith, he's good enough at his job that this probably won't be as big of an issue for him. 64 receptions for 915 yards and five touchdowns go a long way towards earning a city's good graces. Controversial food takes and all.