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Erin Andrews Shares Her Expectation For Sean Payton

FOX sideline reporter Erin Andrews.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - OCTOBER 07: Sportscaster Erin Andrews looks on before the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams game at Lumen Field on October 07, 2021 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Sean Payton won't be coaching for the New Orleans Saints in 2022. The 58-year-old announced Tuesday that he was stepping down from his role as head coach after 15 seasons with the franchise.

The immediate future remains unclear for Payton. He explained during a Tuesday press conference that he plans to mull over his options in the coming months. That being said, one avenue that seems to be in the mix for the acclaimed head coach is to become a television analyst.

Payton alluded to a potential move to television during his exit press conference on Tuesday, suggesting that it's something that he'd like to do at some point. Although it's unknown exactly how serious his consideration is, Erin Andrews said that she could see the former Saints head coach on TV next season.

Not only did the FOX Sports reporter think it was possible, but she explained why Payton would be a good as an analyst.

"I wouldn't be shocked if [Sean Payton went to television]. He kind of said 'I think I'd be good at it'. I know he'd be good at it," Andrews

"I wouldn't be shocked if Sean Payton went to TV & I know he'd be good at it"

— 🅿️at McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) January 26, 2022

">said on The Pat McAfee Show Wednesday. "It was hilarious, I know they were making jokes on NFL Network about how long that presser ran. If anyone has ever sat through a call with Sean Payton and gone through his depth chart with him, our calls last like an hour and a half. My man is just thorough, he goes off on different tangents... he's the best, I love Sean."

Considering Payton's wealth of knowledge and likable personality, Andrew's assessment sounds spot on. The former Saints head coach would certainly fit in on television right away, whether he's in the studio or in the booth during games.

There's already been reports of networks waiting in line to pursue Payton, should he choose to go that route. The 58-year-old dismissed those reports during his exit press conference, but he definitely seems to be thinking about a role on television in the near future.