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ESPN Analyst Wants To See Aaron Rodgers Play For 1 NFL Team

ESPN's Ryan Clark trolls FS1's Chris Broussard during NFL Live.


ESPN's Ryan Clark has officially hopped on the Aaron Rodgers to the Steelers bandwagon.

He was discussing the possibility with his colleagues on Friday morning's Get Up on the network and is trying to speak it into existence.

"Listen, I do a radio hit every Wednesday in Pittsburgh for the entire season and I've answered this question before," Clark said. "We've talked about it before and that's something that everybody in Pittsburgh has been clamoring about, especially after that moment. But, when you think about Pittsburgh and what that organization means, who understands what it’s like to play for one of the most more historically, revered organizations more than Aaron Rodgers?"

"He's been a Green Bay Packer his entire career. He knows what it means when certain logos carry a different level of weight when you walk past Lombardi Trophies your entire career. That is something I'd be interested in and I know the Steelers are interested, but I don't know if they have what it takes to get it done."

If the Steelers landed Rodgers, it would open their Super Bowl window back up.

They have a good chunk of talent at different positions, but they still need to improve their offensive line, among other positions as well.

This won't be the last time that Rodgers is linked to the Steelers this offseason.