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Everyone Is Saying The Same Thing About Bryce Young Right Now

It's the Bryce Young show in the first half of the SEC Championship game.

Alabama's second-year quarterback is dealing. With a few minutes to go until half, Young and the Crimson Tide offense already have 17 on the board. Keep in mind Georgia had only given up seven touchdowns all season coming into the game.

Young's performance has just about everyone thinking the same thing: Heisman.

"give bryce young the heisman already, it's tucked in," one viewer tweeted.

"Pains me to say this but Bryce Young has won the #Heisman," a Michigan State fan said. Adding, "Forever grateful for what K9 did for Michigan State football."

"If Bryce Young can play anywhere close to this level in the 2nd half, he will win the Heisman Trophy," another fan tweeted.

"People said Bryce Young's Heisman moment was that 4th quarter winning drive against Auburn last weekend," another viewer shared. "It's only the first half, and this game looks like it may supersede that... A WEEK before the award will be given out."

We'll see if Young can keep the Tide's offense rolling in the last two frames.