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Fans Roast James Franklin After Penn State's Horrible Loss

Penn State Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin looks on against the USC Trojans.

PASADENA, CA - JANUARY 02: Penn State Nittany Lions head coach James Franklin looks on against the USC Trojans during the 2017 Rose Bowl Game presented by Northwestern Mutual at the Rose Bowl on January 2, 2017 in Pasadena, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)

For years Penn State fans have heard the James Franklin to USC rumors. Perhaps that wouldn't be the worst outcome, after all.

Franklin and the Nittany Lions lost a bizarre and ultimately baffling nine-overtime slug-gest to unranked Illinois on Saturday afternoon. It wasn't one of those high-scoring overtime thrillers, though. It was an ugly game as a whole and a somehow even uglier outing from the Penn State offense.

Franklin, in particular, has practically lost the entire Penn State fan-base at this point. The Nittany Lions shouldn't be losing games to teams like Illinois.

Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if Franklin did end up leaving for USC.

We haven't seen Penn State fans this upset in a long time. A little over two weeks ago the Nittany Lions were in the College Football Playoff discussion. Now it looks like they'll be lucky to win a game or two more the rest of this season. James Franklin deserves all the criticism for Penn State's loss to Illinois on Saturday. "So this is how Penn State's College Football Playoff hopes die: In a nine-overtime epic against a school they were favored by over 20 to beat and undone by offensive ineptitude," a fan said on Twitter. "James Franklin is prepping his applications to LSU and USC as we speak." Check out what Penn State fans are saying about Franklin this afternoon.

Penn State might be thrilled if James Franklin leaves for another job this coming off-season. We don't blame the Nittany Lions. They can do better.

Franklin and his players have plenty of soul searching to do ahead of next Saturday's Ohio State game.