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Former NFL Official Points Out Unfair College Football Rule

It's getting more difficult to play defense in college football with new rules being instituted to protect offensive players.

Well, one former NFL official has had enough. On Friday night, former NFL official Terry McAulay highlighted the fact that defensive players are at a disadvantage.

He brought up a pre-snap move by Alabama quarterback Bryce Young. The young signal caller was clapping his hands without the center snapping the ball, which is illegal.

"The defense is penalized when the offense uses the clap to call for the snap and the defense interferes by clapping," McAulay said. "So, the QB should not be allowed to clap unless the ball is snapped. It simulates action at the snap and should be a false start."

Young wasn't the only quarterback to do so. Cincinnati's Desmond Ridder also appeared to clap his hands during the game without his center snapping the ball.

However, McAulay only appeared to notice Young.

"Here's the rule regarding the QB and false starts," he said. "The Alabama QB has done this several times. CFB is far too lenient with QB's in shotgun. Yet another unfair advantage for the offense."

It hasn't really been a factor in tonight's game. Alabama has dominated from the opening whistle, regardless of the infraction.