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Former Patriots LB Blasts Mac Jones For Postgame Comments

New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones left a lot of people scratching their heads with his postgame comments after their loss to the Indianapolis Colts this past week.

During his postgame press conference, Jones blamed the team's struggles against the Colts on "a bad week of practice" - an excuse few people took at face value. After several days of thinking about it, one former Patriots linebacker has an idea why Jones said that.

In an appearance with NBC Sports Boston, Ted Johnson suggested that Bill Belichick told Jones what to said. Johnson pointed out that it would be absurd for Jones to voluntarily say something like that. So he believes that Belichick used Jones as a mouthpiece to send a message to the Patriots' locker room.

"My feeling is that Bill Belichick had him say it," Johnson said. "I think Belichick wanted the message to go through Mac Jones to call out his players. To me, that was some orders from Bill because I can't imagine Mac Jones going off-script like he did, criticizing the team's energy and their preparation going into this week. When you're a rookie quarterback you're not supposed to say stuff like that."

It's not the craziest theory in the world given how weird the situation was.

For most of the season, Mac Jones has been a robot (which is exactly the way Belichick seems to prefer his players). So for him to suddenly call out the entire team like that was very odd.

It wouldn't be the first time Bill Belichick sent his players a message in the most roundabout way possible.

Do you agree with Ted Johnson's theory here? Were Mac Jones' bizarre postgame comments just the words of Bill Belichick?