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Golf Fans Are Furious With The Ryder Cup Coverage Today

Bryson DeChambeau in the second round of The Masters.

AUGUSTA, GEORGIA - NOVEMBER 13: Bryson DeChambeau of the United States plays his shot from the third tee during the second round of the Masters at Augusta National Golf Club on November 13, 2020 in Augusta, Georgia. (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

On Friday afternoon, Bryson DeChambeau had a 417-yard drive on the part-5 fifth hole. Unfortunately, though, not everyone was able to see his incredible drive.

For some reason, NBC's Golf Channel didn't show DeChambeau's drive until long after the fifth hole was completed. As you'd expect, there were plenty of angry golf fans who voiced their frustration with the network's Ryder Cup coverage on Twitter.

"Only 16 golfers on the course and the biggest name in the sport right now hits 417 yard-drive down the middle...the crowd goes nuts...and the broadcast doesn't show it," Daniel Rapaport of Golf Digest tweeted. "Absolutely ridiculous."

"I’m not one to complain about TV coverage, but Bryson DeChambeau just hit a 417 yard drive on 5, and Golf Channel hasn’t shown it yet," TJ Eckert of KTUL News said. "Showed the line. Talked about how ridiculous it was. Didn’t show the shot. How does that happen?"

Some fans were worried the 43rd Ryder Cup would end before they actually witnessed DeChambeau's drive.

"I've been waiting nearly 2 years to watch BrysonDeChambeau hit the tee shot at No. 5 at Whistling Straits and Golf Channel doesn't show it," Roy Lang III said. "That's a huge swing and a miss."

It's safe to say that golf fans are pretty upset they didn't get to witness DeChambeau's drive as soon as possible.

Luckily, golf fans can watch DeChambeau's monster drive right here. It was an absolute beauty from one of the sport's most entertaining players.