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Golf World Reacts To Paige Spiranac's Bold Prediction

Former professional golfer turned sports media personality Paige Spiranac has a bold prediction for Tiger Woods following his comeback video.

Earlier on Sunday, Woods posted a video of himself swinging a club. This is the first time we've seen Woods back in action since his car accident in February.

"Making progress," Woods tweeted.

Spiranac was quick to react to the video with a prediction of her own. She believes Woods will win another major.

Many golf fans are hoping she's right. "He will obviously play again, and he may even win another tournament, but a major…highly doubtful," one fan tweeted. "I hope Tiger plays at the masters to defend his title," another fan tweeted. "My confidence level rests on Tiger’s inner belief and mental toughness. If he can win a tournament he can win a major. Tiger owns Augusta, so a couple Masters and he’s the GOAT…as IF he isn’t already," one fan tweeted. Phil Mickelson also weighed in on social media. "As I’m hanging in Montana, it’s great to see Tiger swinging a golf club again. I know he can’t stand me holding a single record so I’m guessing HE wants to be the oldest to ever win a major. I’ll just say this. BRING IT!" he wrote.

Well said, Phil.