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Jay Glazer Appears To Be Hinting At Major NFL News

A detail view of an NFL football as the Buffalo Bills play the Washington Redskins at FedExField.

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

Is a blockbuster Deshaun Watson trade on the verge of happening?

Over the weekend, FOX NFL insider Jay Glazer reported that the Houston Texans have begun to soften their asking price for Watson. The asking price has reportedly been astronomically high - understandable given how good Watson is, but difficult to reach given the sexual misconduct allegations - though that's starting to change.

"They weren't open to trade talks unless somebody was going to give them a ridiculous trade offer, more than six draft picks," Glazer reported on Fox NFL Sunday. "They've already been offered three ones and three threes and wanted more than that. However, I was told in the past week, their stance started to soften a little bit with that."

Has anything changed since Sunday?

Well, on Wednesday, Glazer once again took to social media to double down on his Watson report. He mentioned the Miami Dolphins as the obvious landing spot.

"As for teams, to me Miami makes the most sense and probably has the best chance to pull it off IF a deal gets done," he tweeted.

"Keep your eyes on this situation."

That's quite a strong tease by Glazer with the second tweet. He's usually not wrong, so perhaps something is in the works - or will be soon.

Stay tuned.