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Fans React To Wednesday's Big Jeopardy! News

Amy Schneider in Jeopardy!

A historic streak came to an end on Wednesday night.

Amy Schneider, one of the greatest champions in Jeopardy! history, saw her historic winning streak end. The 42-year-old champion had a 40-game winning streak coming into Wednesday night's game. Schneider was unable to come away with the win.

Rhone Talsma, a librarian from Chicago, took the victory on Wednesday night. He won with $29,600 while Schneider finished in second place with $16,000.

It came down to Final Jeopardy. Schneider led with $27,600, while Talsma had $17,600. However, Talsma got the final question right, while Schneider did not.

The answer read: “The only nation in the world whose name in English ends with an ‘H’ and is also one of the the 10 most populous.”

The question was: “What is Bangladesh?”

Talsma got it, while Schneider didn't come up with an answer.

Fans of the show have taken to social media to pay tribute to the legendary champion.

“It’s really been an honor,” Schneider said. “To know that I’m one of the most successful people at a game I’ve loved since I was a kid and to know that I’m a part of its history now, I just don’t know how to process it.”

She will be back on the show this fall in the Tournament of Champions.