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Jim Gray Has Great Idea For The NFL's Madden Tribute

Jerry Jones stands alongside John Madden.

NEW YORK - APRIL 26: (L-R) Dick Ebersol, John Madden and Jerry Jones at the 31st annual Sports Emmy Awards at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center on April 26, 2010 in New York, New York. (Photo by Marc Bryan-Brown/WireImage)

In the days since the passing of NFL legend John Madden, countless tributes from players, coaches and others have been made for the former coach and broadcaster. But there's been a struggle to find the perfect, permanent tribute for the departed icon.

Jim Gray might have found the perfect answer though. Taking to Twitter on Thursday, Gray suggested that the NFL rename its annual "All-Pro" team as the "All-Madden" team.

The All-Madden team was something Madden created in the 1980s while broadcasting. It was described as "a group of players who Madden thought represented football and played the game the way he thought it should be played."

The Madden NFL video game franchise instituted something similar, creating "All-Madden mode" as their most challenging difficulty level. Madden even used the phrase in the title of one of his books.

NFL fans have become absolutely enamored with the idea:

"Seen this idea floating around the past couple days. Absolutely love it. Change the All-Pro Team to the All-Madden Team. John deserves eternal memorialization of this magnitude, and I think that’s the honor that’s absolutely perfect for it," one fan said in a retweet.

"This is the way," a fan of The Mandalorian replied in the comments.

"This is the proper tribute," wrote a third.

John Madden had too great of an impact in the NFL on the field, in the booth, and as a video game icon to not be eternally memorialized. Even if Jim Gray's idea doesn't win out, something has to.