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Video: Jim Harbaugh's Pregame ESPN Interview Goes Viral

Jim Harbaugh's pregame interview on ESPN.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh is fired up for Friday night's matchup against Georgia.

Before the Wolverines took the field for the Orange Bowl, Harbaugh was asked what his message to his players was. His response was somehow epic and hilarious at the same time.

"Trust in each other, the resolve is strong, it's hard. This is the next step. Go let it rip! It's time to go," Harbaugh said.

What made this response from Harbaugh so hilarious was that he legitimately yelled: "Go let it rip!"

Check it out:

Harbaugh has been very transparent about his thoughts on the Orange Bowl throughout this process. During this Thursday's news conference, he described just how big of an opportunity this is for his program.

"Orange Bowl is a fantastic bowl and venue, the host of this playoff game. Our guys are excited. We're happy to be here, but not just happy to be here; it's been a tremendous amount of preparation that's gone into this game. We know the task at hand," Harbaugh said. "Georgia is a great football team, and we've had good days, really good days, good meetings, good practices. We're getting the energy up, and it's time to go play."

We'll see if Harbaugh can lead the Wolverines to the national title game.