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Joe Buck Reacts To Troy Aikman's Cowboys-49ers Admission

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck on FOX.


Nearly two weeks ago, Troy Aikman stunned the football world with a comment he made about not calling a certain game.

Aikman made it very clear he wasn't happy to not be calling the Dallas Cowboys game against the San Francisco 49ers. "It's gonna be a great game," Aikman said aloud. "I mean a really good game," he continued. "I think there's a lot of people that'd like to be calling that game."

His comments took the football world by surprise, but he even surprised his broadcast partner. In a recent conversation with Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina, Joe Buck revealed he didn't know Aikman was going to say that.

"I have worked with him for 20 years on the air now and I don't think, on air, he's ever said anything like that surprised me to the point where I almost couldn't talk. And that got me. I mean, as you can see, I'm like [shocked]," Buck said.

Aikman eventually clarified his comments. He claims he didn't want to call the Cowboys game over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Philadelphia Eagles game.

“There were some that said I’d rather be doing that game than the game I was doing,” Aikman said Monday on the Ryen Russillo Podcast. “That wasn’t my point at all. I’m thrilled to be doing any game. Joe said that would be an amazing game. Yeah, I would have loved to have called that game. It’s a huge ball game."

Despite his comments to the contrary, it certainly seems like Aikman had a preference.