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Joe Theismann Appears To Confirm Washington Football Team Name

Former Washington quarterback Joe Theismann.

NEW ORLEANS, LA - FEBRUARY 03: Former professional football player Joe Theismann walks on the field prior to Super Bowl XLVII between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on February 3, 2013 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images)

On Feb. 2 the Washington Football Team will officially announce the organization's new team name. Joe Theismann appears to have already spoiled the news though.

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Joe Theisman believes Washington football fans will embrace the new name coming on Wednesday: The Commanders.

— Damon Amendolara (@DAonCBS) January 31, 2022

">interview with Damon Amendolora of CBS Sports, Theismann subtly noted that he thinks fans are going to like the "Commanders" team name. Theismann: I think the Commanders is a name that is going to be one that hopefully people like going forward.

Amendolora: So you like the Commanders as the new team name huh?

Theismann: Ya, I mean there were so many different options, but once again it’s trademark infringement. It’s getting approval from different people. If you choose a name, is there a group out there that’s not going to like it? I mean, there’s so many things that you have to consider. Commander — basically it’s Washington D.C. A lot of commanders in Washington D.C. and the Pentagon, and a lot of different branches of the service. So that’s the way I’m looking at it, as positions of leadership when it comes to the new name.

The Commanders fit a Washington D.C.-based team very well. But the reception of the new name will all depend on how the team performs next season.

"The big key, DA, is this: if you win people are going to get excited about it; if you lose, people are going to be upset about it. That’s the way you do it. That’s the bottom line in our business," Theismann added, via Hogs Haven.

What do you think about Washington's apparent new team name?