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Jose Canseco Reacts To The Hall Of Fame Controversy

Earlier this week, the Major League Baseball Hall of Fame welcomed a new member - longtime Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz.

He was the only eligible player selected into the Hall of Fame this year. There were plenty of viable candidates, which led to some controversy after this year's votes were tallied.

Home run champion Barry Bonds and legendary pitcher Roger Clemens were two of the bigger names left out. Both have a connection to performance enhancing drugs, which has been used as a reason to keep them out of the Hall of Fame.

However, former MLB star Jose Canseco is wondering why that wasn't the case for David Ortiz. He thinks the Hall of Fame screwed up by letting Ortiz - who was popped for PEDs during his career - in, but not Bonds and Schilling.

"If ortiz is in the hall of fame so should the other guys who use PED,s again MLB screws it up again talk about hypocrisy," he said.

Hall of Fame voters seem content in allowing certain players into the Hall despite their past misgivings as it pertains to performance enhancing drugs. However, Bonds and Clemens failed to meet their criteria for whatever reason.

Bonds, at least, was destined for the Hall of Fame long before he was linked to PEDs.

For now, it looks like he and Clemens will have to live with not making the Hall.