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Breaking: Katie Nolan Announces Decision On ESPN Future

Katie Nolan jokes on her new ESPN show.


Fans had extremely high expectations in late 2017, when ESPN hired popular FS1 personality Katie Nolan. At the time, she was coming off of a stint at FS1, where she hosted Garbage Time, a late night sports show with a cult following that earned her a 2016 Sports Emmy Award.

Nolan launched an ESPN podcast, Sports? With Katie Nolan, as well as one of the first notable original programs for the ESPN+ platform, Always Late, which had a similar joke structure as Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update, along with recorded segments and celebrity guests.

Always Late was canceled earlier this year. She spent time filling in on the post-Dan Le Batard editions of Highly Questionable, before the end of that show's run, as well as other talking head shows like Around The Horn. Ultimately, with just a podcast to her name as a main project, the writing was on the wall that Nolan may not be long for the Worldwide Leader.

She made that official today. In a series of tweets, Nolan confirmed that she is no longer at ESPN.

"This year of slowing down has affected me on a cellular level," Nolan continued. "If you listen to the podcast this isn’t news to you. What’s next for me is to figure out how/where/when this new me can use the skills the old me acquired to make the stuff I think needs making. And maybe a vacation?"

While she may no longer be with the biggest sports network in the world, she still has a pretty dedicated following, and should be in some demand.

Nolan has had strong relationships with two major former ESPN personalities that now have their own media companies: The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and Meadowlark’s Dan Le Batard. Neither would surprise as an eventual landing spot for her.