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Kellen Moore Shares Honest Admission On Clock Management

Kellen Moore makes his debut as the Cowboys offensive coordinator

ARLINGTON, TEXAS - AUGUST 29: Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore of the Dallas Cowboys on the sideline against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the fourth quarter of a NFL preseason game at AT&T Stadium on August 29, 2019 in Arlington, Texas. (Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

The Cowboys claimed their first victory of the season with a massive 56-yard game-winner from Greg Zuerlein, but the Dallas coaching staff could've made things a lot easier on their veteran kicker.

With one timeout and 33 second remaining, offensive coordinator Kellen Moore called a run play for Tony Pollard. After the running back gained just three yards on the draw, the Cowboys inexplicably failed to run another play -- calling a timeout with just four seconds on the clock.

Instead of trying for a more reasonable kicking distance, Zuerlein was forced to save the day with his big-time leg.

Moore addressed this clock debacle on Monday.

“Hopefully next time it’s a 48-yarder, and we’ll feel a little bit better about it,” Moore said, per the team's website.

“The clock got a little bit goofy,” he added. “I didn’t really like my run to Tony. I would’ve probably called something different there if we had gone down that road again. But those things always happen through a game.”

Moore claimed that his view of the clock was blocked by a camera operator.

“The camera guy on the cart, he kind of moved right in front of the screen,” he said.

Head coach Mike McCarthy gave a different explanation, saying the clock he was watching blacked out.

"The clock situation was just different," McCarthy said. "I've never had a clock go off the board on me like that. In the second down, we're trying to chip away and get a shorter field goal. We were going to attempt a third-down play, kicking on the fourth was the time frame we were in. I think 17 seconds. We were right on the threshold. When you get in these 2-minute [situations], you have thresholds -- one minute, 30 seconds, 17 seconds -- so we were right at the threshold there of our whole operation. We had personnel -- one of our players came off who shouldn't have come off -- and just communication errors."

Thanks to Zuerlein, the Cowboys were able to get out of Los Angeles with a 20-17 win over the Chargers.

The team will look to continue this success with a win over the Eagles next Monday night.