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Kirby Smart Has Brutally Honest Admission On College Football

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart and his wife Mary Beth.

ATHENS, GA OCTOBER 16: Georgia head coach Kirby Smart shares a moment with his wife Mary Beth following the conclusion of the college football game between the Kentucky Wildcats and the Georgia Bulldogs on October 16th, 2021 at Sanford Stadium in Athens, GA. (Photo by Rich von Biberstein/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Kirby Smart is concerned about the current state of college football.

The sport as we currently know it is far different than it was just a decade or so ago. The playoff has taken a monopoly on the sport for all the wrong reasons. And roster turnover is starting to make it feel like the NFL's free agency.

Smart has a whole different concern, though. The Georgia head football coach is incredible concerned about the mass number of coaches leaving the sport to go to the NFL.

"It worries me, I'll be real honest honest with you, where the game of college football is going," Smart told Rece Davis. "First concern I have: the best leaders and the best men to run it and be organized with it are leaving. Because you said relentless, the best coaches are going to the NFL because they get more time with their families.

"They want no part of NIL, portal, constant recruiting. And you say, 'Well, why not?' Go live it and see how long you wanna do it. It's not what it used to be and I see coaches left and right, you know a lot of them, that have stepped out of this game that are saying, 'I'm done.' Good mean, great leaders, they don't want to be apart of it. That concerns me for the future of it. Where's it going?"

College football has a real identity crisis on its hands.

According to Kirby Smart, that identity crisis will only get worse if more coaches opt to leave.