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Photos: Meet The Wife Of ESPN Star Kirk Herbstreit

A general photo of Kirk Herbstreit.

SAN JOSE, CA - JANUARY 05: Kirk Herbstreit of ESPN attends the Party At The Playoff at The GlassHouse on January 5, 2019 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/Getty Images for ESPN)

There are few bigger stars in sports media than Kirk Herbstreit.

The longtime ESPN college football analyst is arguably the face of his sport. Herbstreit, of course, would argue differently, saying it's all about the players and the coaches. While that might be true, when you think about college football, Herbstreit is likely one of the first faces that comes to mind.

Herbstreit, who played collegiately at Ohio State, wasn't sure if sports media was the right career choice. However, he passed up a high-paying job out of college to pursue a career in the field. Herbstreit initially worked in sports radio and on local TV before landing a big job at ESPN.

Since then, he's become one of the biggest stars in sports television.

Herbstreit would not be able to do what he does without a strong family behind him.

The longtime ESPN college football analyst is married to Allison Herbstreit. The happy couple was married in 1998. They have four children together, including multiple college football players.

Kirk Herbstreit's wife.

The former Ohio State quarterback met his wife, Allison, when she was attending school in Columbus, as well. She was a cheerleader.

Kirk and Allison lived in Columbus with their family for several years. Eventually, they moved out of Columbus, heading to Nashville. At the time, it was speculated that the Herbstreits moved away because of Ohio State fans...

“To continue to have to defend myself and my family in regards to my love and devotion to Ohio State is unfair,” Herbstreit told Bob Hunter of the Columbus Dispatch. “I don’t like moving. I love living here. I don’t want to leave. But I just can’t do this anymore. I really can’t keep going like this.

Herbstreit added that the majority of Ohio State fans are great.

“Eighty to ninety percent of the Ohio State fans are great. It’s the vocal minority that make it rough,” he continued. “They probably represent only 5 to 10 percent of the fan base, but they are relentless.”

Kirk, Allison and Co. have since moved back to the Buckeye State, though.

Kirk Herbstreit and his family.

The Herbstreits have rented a house in the Cincinnati area, so their youngest son, Chase, can play quarterback for St. Xavier.

“We have a lot of respect for St. X, the school and the culture,” Kirk Herbstreit told the Cincinnati Enquirer. “We’re going to try and make it work.”

It's getting to be an incredibly busy time for the Herbstreits, but thankfully for them, they have great family support.