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Kyle Shanahan Explains Why Trey Lance Hasn't Been Playing

Over the past few weeks, San Francisco 49ers fans have been wondering why rookie quarterback Trey Lance hasn't been playing.

Starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has been playing well during the team's three-game winning streak. However, fans still want to see what the No. 3 overall pick can do.

Well, on Monday afternoon, 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan provided some insight to his thought process. According to him, it's easier to get into a play-calling rhythm with only one quarterback playing.

Here's what he said via, Shanahan said Monday, via Jennifer Lee Chan of

“It’s more about me, to tell you the truth,” he said. “In terms of calling plays, we get into a rhythm of attacking a defense and what fronts they are playing and what coverages. Every play kind of plays off the next play and you get a feel, our players do and I, of what we are going to.”

That's not all. Shanahan also said he didn't anticipate seeing new defenses for the first time when Lance came into the game.

“What’s been hard on me, that I didn’t realize, is when you do bring in a different quarterback who gets a different set of plays, it’s almost the first play I’ve been seeing of a new defense,” Shanahan said. “You see what fronts and coverages they are doing but they are doing it completely to a plan as a threat of the runner at that position."

Sorry 49ers fans, it doesn't sound like Trey Lance will see significant playing time any time soon.