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Kyle Shanahan Sends Clear Message About Sean McVay

Heading into Sunday's NFC Championship Game, Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers have won six straight matchups against Sean McVay and the Rams.

On Wednesday, McVay was asked if Shanahan was "in his head" at this point. He flat-out denied the possibility.

Today, Shanahan downplayed any idea that he owns McVay, saying that yesterday's question gives "too much credit" to the head coaches.

“A question like that is just giving Sean and myself way too much credit,” Shanahan said, via Pro Football Talk. “We’re coaches. Watch what’s going on on that field and some of the players out there and the people that are competing and think that it’s about Sean and I — I mean. I know he doesn’t feel that way and he knows I don’t feel that way. The entertainment of this business is cool and stuff because It brings a lot of fans and it brings a lot of money for everybody. I think that’s pretty ridiculous. I don’t give coaches that much credit.”

Maybe Shanahan has a point. After all, McVay beat him head-to-head three of their first four matchups before the tide turned.

However, if the 49ers make it seven in a row on Sunday, there will at least be questions about why they seemingly own the Rams as a team, even if their head coach says he's not in the head of his close friend on the opposing sideline.