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Look: A Fan Threw Something At Steve Smith Sr. During Pregame Show

Steve Smith talks with Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

A fan appeared to throw something at former NFL great Steve Smith Sr. during the FOX pregame show on Thursday night.

Smith joined the rest of the Fox Sports crew to preview Thursday night's Buccaneers-Eagles game. Toward the end of the show, a fan took his excitement a bit too far.

A fan in a crowd of fans standing behind Smith and the rest of the Fox Sports crew appeared to throw something at the former NFL wide receiver. It's hard to tell exactly what was thrown.

Take a look.

This is pretty disgusting behavior. Hopefully this fan ends up facing consequences for their actions. Steve Smith Sr. is just about the last person you'd want to mess with if you're a fan. He was an absolute savage on the football field during his professional career. And he's definitely stayed in pretty good shape in his post-football life.

"You would need a SWAT team to protect the fan. Steve Smith don’t play," wrote Calvin Watkins of the Dallas News, via Twitter.

"I almost had to be a witness at a murder trial. Dang, that would have been another good chapter in my book," said former NFL offensive lineman Joe Thomas. 

As noted by a fan, Steve Smith Sr. didn't take long to look back and find the culprit.

The individual is extremely lucky Smith didn't confront him/her.

Be better, sports fans.