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Look: FOX Made Notable Change For Late NFL Games

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck on FOX.


Did you notice anything different with FOX's broadcast of the late-afternoon NFL games on Sunday afternoon?

Timothy Burke did.

The longtime media guru noticed that FOX shifted its scoreboard graphic down a couple of pixels for the late Sunday afternoon games. He believes this was done to discourage Red Zone channel viewing.

"So Fox did indeed move its score box down 40 pixels for the late games, presumably to discourage viewing on NFL RedZone. I'm surprised it took this long for the networks to take some kind of action to protect their doubleheader national games," he tweeted.

As fans have pointed out, when the scoreboard graphic is that low, you can't see it on Red Zone. "The redzone bottom line block the area that has the clocks and down and distance visible. at some point, scott hanson started reading out the clock and then redzone put their own graphic up over the foxbox," one fan tweeted.

The Red Zone channels have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It will be interesting to see how FOX and CBS attempt to combat their viewership.