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Look: Joe Burrow's Girlfriend Is Enjoying The AFC Championship

Joe Burrow and his girlfriend at the Heisman.

It's good to be Joe Burrow.

The Cincinnati Bengals second-year quarterback just led his team to the lead in the AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Cincinnati, which trailed Kansas City by 18 points, has just taken the lead midway through the fourth quarter on Sunday afternoon. The Bengals are now leading the Chiefs, 24-21, with a little more than 5 minutes to play on Sunday.

Burrow has been fantastic in the second half, both with his arm and his feet. He's run for some big first downs, evading multiple Chiefs defenders.

While Arrowhead Stadium is mostly packed with Chiefs fans, there are some Bengals fans in attendance, as well. Among those in attendance are Burrow's girlfriend, Olivia.

Burrow and his girlfriend have been dating since college. She was at the Heisman Trophy ceremony in 2019 and has been by his side throughout his NFL career.

Olivia has taken to her Instagram Story during Sunday's AFC Championship Game. She's certainly enjoying the second half...

Joe Burrow and his girlfriend on Instagram.


The game isn't over yet, though. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs offense currently have the ball, which is a very scary thought for Cincinnati.

The finish should be fun...