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Look: Photo Of Jacked College Football Referee Went Viral

A referee signaling a touchdown during a Florida Gators game.

(Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

There wasn't a whole lot of excitement to be found in UCLA's 44-10 win over Hawaii yesterday. Perhaps the most eventful part was game's referee.

Early in the game, fans watching the game from home got a good look at the game's referee, Scott Campbell. What nobody seemed to know about Campbell beforehand is that the man is absolutely jacked.

Viewers could actually see the veins popping out of Campbell's arm as he announced penalties and eligible receivers. His tight shirt made him look like a professional bodybuilder.

College football fans were a combination of impressed and stunned by how Campbell looks. The images of him have one viral, as have some of the comments:

"I don’t think ANYBODY is arguing with this dude on ANY calls," one fan said in a retweet.

"Flag on the play: weak a- arms, ball will be placed on the spot of the foul," wrote another.

"He wouldn’t have gotten assaulted twice like that ref in Nebraska & Illinois earlier lmao," another fan said referencing a play from another game.

In the NFL, Ed Hochuli had a reputation for being the most jacked referee in the league. Scott Campbell has clearly become the NCAA football version of the former NFL referee.