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Look: Photo Of This Fan At Notre Dame-Wisconsin Game Is Going Viral

A fan sitting in the stands dressed as Notre Dame's mascot.

2 Nov 1996: The University of Notre Dame Leprachaun mascot leads the crowd during the Fighting Irish 54-27 win over Navy in Dublin, Ireland. Mandatory Credit: Billy Stickland/ALLSPORT

It's tradition to wear team apparel when attending a sports game. One fan attending the Notre Dame-Wisconsin game on Saturday took the tradition to the extreme, though.

A fan showed up to the highly anticipated showdown between the Badgers and Fighting Irish at Soldier Field sporting a custom sweatshirt.

One half of the sweatshirt is in green and displays the Notre Dame logo. The other half is in white and displays the Wisconsin logo.

Go football! Take a look.

We don't have any explanation here. Maybe he's a big Jack Coan fan?

Coan started his career at Wisconsin before he transferred to Notre Dame. He's now a rising star with the Fighting Irish. He still has great love for the Badgers though.

Regardless, fans aren't happy about the fan's sweatshirt decision. It just doesn't make sense.

"This can only be allowed if you have a child playing for both teams in this game," a college football fan said on Twitter. "Otherwise you’ve got some issues to work out."

"This man better be related to Jack Coan, otherwise this is a travesty," said another.

Hopefully we'll get an explanation from this fan at some point. He better have a good one. Fans are ruthless with things like this.

You can catch No. 12 Notre Dame and No. 18 Wisconsin right now on FOX. The Badgers have a 3-0 lead at the end of the first quarter.