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Look: There's A Petition To Move The Super Bowl To Saturday

Super Bowl LV logo

TAMPA, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 07: The Super Bowl LV logo is seen at Raymond James Stadium on February 07, 2021 in Tampa, Florida. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Super Bowl Sunday has become such an ingrained part of American culture that there have been suggestions over the years to make the Monday after a federal holiday.

But a new movement appears to be growing to move the date of the Super Bowl altogether. Two years ago, a petition was introduced on by a high schooler who wants to move the game to Saturday. This week that petition reached 80,000 signatures.

The petition, made by 18-year-old Frank Ruggeri, posits that over 17 million people miss work the Monday after the Super Bowl. In moving the game to Saturday, Ruggeri estimates that over $44 billion in lost productivity can be saved.

Appearing on Morning in America today, Ruggeri made a direct appeal to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. He dismissed prior arguments Goodell has made about viewership and believes that there will be bigger viewership on a Saturday.

"Commissioner Goodell, there would be more viewership. The people will be watching. Bigger party. And I think the economic impact would be easier to have it on a Saturday,” Ruggeri said.

The NFL has been playing games on Sundays for decades in large part to avoid competing with college football for ratings. Nowadays we often see many multiple NFL games on Saturdays in December - when college football season is over.

But Super Bowl Sunday has always taken place long after the college football season was over.

There's clearly a lot of people who like Ruggeri's idea and his reasoning. Maybe we'll see this issue brought up in the weeks or months to come.

Would you rather have the Super Bowl on Sunday or Saturday?