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Los Angeles County Sends Clear Message About Super Bowl

There are growing concerns surrounding the city of Los Angeles' ability to host a Super Bowl and its accompanying fans next month.

Super Bowl LVI will play at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, Calif. on Feb. 13. The game itself isn't necessarily in jeopardy, but the location is. The spread of the omicron variant has some worried about city of Los Angeles officials, who may deem it risky for the NFL to host a fully-packed SoFi Stadium.

The NFL has reportedly chosen AT&T Stadium as a potential backup venue, should SoFi become unavailable to host the biggest sporting event of the year.

However, Los Angeles County said on Thursday that it does not plan on limiting capacity at sporting events.

“We are working closely with the NFL to welcome the Super Bowl to L.A. County,” the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health on Thursday told Yahoo Sports in a statement. “And while we cannot provide certainty for the future, we do not anticipate capacity limits at sporting events.”

The concern is that Los Angeles county officials could change their minds by the time the Super Bowl rolls around. That's why the NFL is exploring other venues, just in case.

The good news is California Capitol correspondent, Ashley Zavala, released a message relayed by Gov. Gavin Newsome stating the state is working with the NFL to ensure a safe event in the midst of the omicron variant.

“California is looking forward to hosting, and says the state is working with the NFL to have a safe and exciting event,” the spokesperson said.