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LSU Quarterback Shoots Down 1 Story About Ed Orgeron

A closeup of LSU football coach Ed Orgeron.

BATON ROUGE, LA - OCTOBER 13: Head coach Ed Orgeron of the LSU Tigers reacts during the second half against the Georgia Bulldogs at Tiger Stadium on October 13, 2018 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images)

Ever since LSU reached a separation agreement with head coach Ed Orgeron, various reports have surfaced about Coach O's alleged behavior. While some of them are true, there's at least one splash report that has been exposed by a current LSU player.

On Sunday, Matt Trent of WBRZ reported that Orgeron's personal life was "bleeding into" his coaching life.

"With regards to Orgeron's personal life bleeding into his coaching life, sources also tell WBRZ that there were multiple practices where 'girlfriends' would be in attendance at practice and would 'interfere,'" Trent reported on Twitter. "To the degree of children of the women taking part in drills with team."

LSU quarterback Myles Brennan, who has been with the program since 2017, responded to this report from Trenton on Twitter.

"I have been at LSU for quite some time now and can confirm this has never happened," Brennan replied. "Not once."

Trent has not yet responded to Brennan's tweet. LSU fans, however, are already calling this a smear campaign from the WBRZ reporter.

Although it sounds like this report from Trent isn't true, the latest report from ESPN's Alex Scarborough and Mark Schlabach has not been debunked yet.

According to Scarborough and Schlabach, Coach O lost the locker room this season. He also reportedly became prone to tantrums.

Orgeron will certainly be remembered for leading LSU to a national title in 2019, but the past few weeks haven't exactly helped his image.