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Mac Jones Addresses Not Speaking With Peyton Manning

During this Monday night's edition of the Manning Cast, Peyton Manning revealed that he didn't speak to Mac Jones leading up to the Bills-Patriots game. Jones is the first quarterback this season Manning didn't chat with in preparation for the Manning Cast broadcast.

While on WEEI Radio's Merloni & Fauria this Tuesday, Jones explained his side to the story. He revealed that he was strictly focused on the Bills and preparing for that critical AFC East matchup.

“I texted him or whatever. I am not going to get into any details, but I think we were just focused on the game," Jones said, via Audacy. "The Patriots do a great job of just helping me stay focused on what I need to stay focused on. I [was] always like that in college, too.”

Jones also responded to Manning's comment about his cell phone potentially being off during the week.

"I don’t know if it’s off, but I definitely don’t go on my phone that much," Jones added. "I just don’t really look at it or focus on it unless I am talking to my family. … I feel bad sometimes not being able to talk to everybody, but it’s a busy life.”

Bill Belichick most likely approved of these responses from Jones. After all, the rookie quarterback appears to be all about handling his business on the field.

Jones didn't play a huge role in the Patriots' win over the Bills on Monday night due to the weather, but that doesn't change the fact that he's having a stellar rookie season.