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Mike Golic Has Brutally Honest Admission On Drew Brees

Mike Golic stands in front of a billboard.

MIAMI, FLORIDA - FEBRUARY 01: Mike Golic at Wheels Up members-only Super Saturday Tailgate event on February 1, 2020 in Wynwood, Miami. The seventh-annual event featured a chalk talk hosted by prominent figures in sports and entertainment and interactive partnership activations. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images for Wheels Up)

After announcing his retirement from the NFL, legendary quarterback Drew Brees quickly signed a deal with NBC Sports. Last weekend, he had the chance to showcase what he can bring to the broadcast booth.

Brees was with Mike Tirico in the booth for the Bengals-Raiders game. He received a lot of criticism for being "vanilla" with his commentary.

During a recent podcast with Richard Deitsch, former ESPN Radio host Mike Golic shared his thoughts on Brees' first year as a broadcaster.

Golic explained that it's harder to make the transition from the field to the broadcast booth today than it was back then because people are way more judgmental now.

"When Drew started doing the Notre Dame games, people would tweet at me, ‘what do you think?’ I said listen, I’m not judging a guy when he just starts," Golic said, via Awful Announcing. "He’s a walk-in Hall of Famer. But he’s now in a different world of learning timing and everything that goes with a TV broadcast, which he’ll learn.

"He’ll learn in time…your first and then your hundredth is a different person. But unfortunately, you get judged early and then you get tagged with that. ‘You’re supposed to be great at this.’ Man, that’s unfair but, you know what, unfair or fair, that doesn’t come into play. You’re gonna get that opportunity and you’re gonna be judged immediately on it."

Golic is right that it's way too early to determine what type of broadcaster Brees will be.

With a full offseason to prepare and expand his skillset, Brees could elevate his game next season.